Business loan rates in New Zealand are a critical aspect of financing options for businesses of all sizes. Obtaining funding through loans can be a significant source of capital for businesses to finance their growth, investments, and operations. Interest rates on business loans vary widely depending on the type of loan, the lender, the borrower’s creditworthiness, and the underlying security for the loan. Understanding the different business loan products and their associated interest rates is essential for businesses to make informed financing decisions. In this context, we have compiled a table of some of the leading New Zealand banks and financial institutions offering various types of business loans, along with their respective interest rates and associated fees.

Business Loan Interest Rates

InstitutionProductTypeSecurityBase rate % paLenders Margin % paMgmt fee % flatTotal % pa
ANZCorporate Indicator rateVariable?7.38???
Business Bank Indicator rateVariable?13.20???
Business OverdraftVariable?15.201 to 51.4417.64 – 21.64
Agri Current accountVariable?11.40???
ASBBusiness Lending Base RateVariable?12.871 to 51.4415.32 – 19.31
Rural base rateVariable?10.11?1.00?
Corporate Indicator rateVariable?7.28?1.00?
BNZBusiness OverdraftVariable?12.001 to 51.8014.30 – 18.30
Cash Flow FundingCFF OverdraftVariableBusiness assets10.500.000.0010.50
FuelledInvoice funding via XeroFlexibleUnsecured15.000.0012.00-48.0027.00-63.00
HeartlandBusiness FundingVariable?10.001 to 51.4412.44 -16.44
KiwibankBusiness Overdraft RateVariable?7.501 to 51.209.70 – 13.70
Business Home Equity RateVariable?6.15???
Zip BusinessBusiness Loan, P&IVariableUnsecured6.0-
WestpacOverdraft more than $5,000Variable?13.951 – 51.2016.15-20.15